Work Packages


Project management


Requirement analysis and specification

WP 2 comprises a detailed requirement analysis and specifications for the aluminium scrap sorting system PARILAS. By this it will be assured that the needs of the targeted users are considered to a large extent. The detailed specification to be worked out for all components of the PARILAS system assures that the final integration and set-into operation process can be conducted successfully in a well-controlled way.


Design of system components, provision of samples and scrap charges

WP 3 is a design and construction task, where all the necessary engineering work of the system components of PARILAS is allocated. Furthermore the partner Constellium CRV will characterize and provide aluminium reference samples and small charges of aluminium scrap for the first test runs of the PARILAS system.


Set-up of inline identification and sorting system

WP 4 covers the set-up of the inline identification and sorting system PARILAS. All the components are mounted, adjusted, linked mechanically, electrically and logically to constitute a integrated assembly ready for the test runs.


Test runs of the PARILAS system at TiTech facilities

WP 5 comprises test runs with the PARILAS system at the TiTech facilities with various scrap charges on a “small” scale, i.e. mass throughputs of < 5 tons. The system parameters will be adjusted and optimized in order to increase sorting correctness and recovery rate as far as possible.


Large scale tests of the PARILAS system at Constellium CRV

For WP 6 the system will be transported to the Constellium CRV facilities in Voreppe to conduct “large” scale test runs, i.e. a total mass throughput in the order of > 100 tons, test period 4 months.


Assessment of economic impact

WP 7 comprises the detailed technical and economic assessment for the small and large scale test series.


Exploitation and business plan


Dissemination activities